Don’t take our word on it, take our clients’ word!

It’s easy to tell you how great we are. Here’s what other people think of our services:

Land Services

“This team’s effort has converted our pasition in two months from a “late-comer” to an owner of a significat leasehold position that will give us an opportunity”

– M. Searcy, C. Mulvaney, B. Groom

Land Services La Port

“The efficient and professional manner in which you preformed is commendable.  We look forward to working with you again.”

– J. Joems- City Of  La Port

“The performance, punctuality, and professionalism that … Mr. Jim Burgin … exhibited has been exemplary, and given us faith that there are some good men in the leasing end of the oil business.”

–  W. Rightmer, R.Rightmer – Rightmer Real Estate

oil and gas Land Services

“I wanted to thank you for your professionalism and help. I could not accomplish my tasks without Jim Burgin & Associates.”

– B. Ratliff – Union Pacific Resources

Oil and Gas Land Services

“The purpose of this letter is to say “thanks” to you and your Associates for the work performed under my supervision …  In specific, I cannot say enough about the dedication and hard work performed.”

– Tim Welch – Belco

JBA has a lot of information that we utilize from an operational standpoint.  It provides us with the capability to easily track the progression of ongoing field efforts and to organize field data for maintenance purposes.  It handles any urgent land-related matter, and you can use the system to identify who else is buying leases out there.  You can even identify your competitors — their program has saved our land team numerous hours”

– Todd Freeman – Devon Energy

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Mr. Jim Burgin and his firm. His probity, work product, and services are outstanding and given the opportunity to use him again, I would do so without hesitation.”

– Meg Molleston -Executive Vice President